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Exciting new services!


I am excited to share with you a new service I am providing that allows for the healing and unfolding of your wholeness. We begin the session by focusing on the particular aspect in your body

that is physically calling for attention. We then select a card from

Ingrid Auer’s channeled set of images and words to bless what needs healing with a guided meditation.  

This opens the body/soul for hands on work and processing

of what needs attention on that day.   This healing session engages the totality of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  It allows for a step by step process of release, healing and integration of what stands in the way of your health and wholeness.   I am looking forward to sharing this new way with you. To learn more visit Ingrid Auer‘s website by clicking here.

Angel Symbols

“To meet someone like Gabi is one of the great moments in life. Our first contact was made via social media, and even then it was clear to me that I was dealing with a very extraordinary person. 

Gabi and I were both born and raised in Austria, but has been living in California for a long time. She is one of those people who can sense others, their issues, their blockages and their problems without having much information about them. This ability cannot be learned, it is a special gift that Gabi has brought into this life. It suits her very well in her work as an intuitive therapist (working with the Angels in that right now) and as a healer. Gabi's skills are highly appreciated by her clients, as is her sensitive way of dealing with people. I am very happy to have found in Gabi an especially valuable friend and I am looking forward to our first personal encounter.”

- Ingrid Auer; Best selling author, International Angel Expert, Spiritual teacher, Medium

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