Full Moon Meditation

The full moon marks an auspicious time when the potential for inner growth and lunar energy is at a marked high. The moon has been an entity of mystery and worship for many centuries, responsible for the fluctuation of the tides, and has a powerful yin energy associated with the feminine, darkness and unconscious. Through meditation during a full moon, we may be more receptive to connecting to our unconscious. This connection offers a platform to cultivate that which aligns with our inner truth, while shedding away that which no longer serves us.  Go to www.ppmaudiostream.org

to take part in the Planetary Meditation for Peace during the next full moon. 

Join Gabi to take part in a guided, one hour outdoor meditation on the following

full moon nights: 

630-730pm Winter/Spring

7-8pm Summer/Fall

Crescent Bay Point Park, Laguna Beach

(location subject to change)


January 10 - Full Wolf Moon

February 9 - Full Snow Moon

March 9 - Full Worm Moon

April 8 - Full Pink Moon

May 7 - Full Flower Moon

June 5 - Full Strawberry Moon

July 5 - Full Buck Moon

August 3 - Full Sturgeon Moon

September 2 - Full Harvest Moon

October 1 - Full Hunter's Moon

October 31 -(Rare) Blue Moon

November 30 - Full Beaver Moon

December 30- Full Cold Moon

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1500 N. Coast Hwy. Laguna Beach, CA

(Located in Pure Body Wellness Center)

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