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Hi Gabi, I wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I really felt so much better after talking with you! You truly have a gift! I noticed on your website that you do full moon meditations. I would love to participate! 



A friend referred me to Gabi when I was struggling with allergy issues (I was also doing acupuncture - so open to any thing that could relieve my suffering). I was skeptical, but willing to try. From the moment that I walked in I could tell that I was in the presence of a true healer, in every sense of the word. From the intake interview, where I felt really heard - to being on her table ... her hands, her intuition, her energy, her was powerful and magical. She guided me through seeing that my issues were deeper than simply clearing out my sinuses. She explained the interconnectedness of everything. Exactly the therapy I needed. Her combination of body/soul work is like nothing I've experienced before. I can't quite describe in words what exactly she did, but I know that it is more than the word "massage" can encompass. Now she is a part of the self care I provide for my body, and my family as well. Sinuses - great now! What she does is truly a gift and an art. 

-Sunny B.

Gabi Purrer is one unique special person whose primary objective in life is to give her clients the opportunity to experience first hand a healing therapy program tailored to the individual needs of each and every client she works with. Gabi has an excellent understanding of the body's physiology and with her extensive training and her desire to constantly search out new methods and approaches to the healing process, each client can be assured that a thorough effort by Gabi will occur which will give the client every opportunity to experience first hand the healing potential of a properly administered massage program. Gabi is well connected in the industry and right here in Orange County she has a large circle of colleagues trained in chiropractic, pilates , yoga and other healing arts to blend these disciplines with her own, which offers her clients an exceptional vista of potential disciplines to aid in the healing process. I first came to Gabi nearly ten years ago with a very debilitating auto immune problem and with Gabi's strong and sometimes a bit "painful" approach as well as her words of encouragement during the process I was able to beat this disease that many doctors said I would have to live with the rest of my life. Gabi is also a very positive uplifting person and helps set the proper mental approach to the healing process of enabling her clients to lock in to the mental aspect of aiding Gabi's effort. She even will suggest exercises for the clients to perform at home which can help accelerate the healing process. I highly recommend working with Gabi Purrer and you will see the value of her work and the value of her encouragement and in the end whatever problem you may have been experiencing you will have a very good opportunity to see your condition improve and your outlook on life come back to being very positive.

-Steve L.

In addition to having superior technical skills and strong hands, Gabi is very intuitive. She responds appropriately to what my body needs. Gabi provides the whole package. Her approach is not only gratifying, she stimulates healing from within.It is hard for me to imagine my life now without a weekly massage from Gabi.

-Tom L.

Gabi has a top notch education, as well as an innate understanding of the human body. This unique combination allows her to communicate with your body and provide relief in a manner that you have never exper ienced before. She can transition flawlessly to meet your needs and has provided me with everything from soothing prenatal massage to deep, intense neuromuscular therapy. On top of that, Gabi also possesses an extremely calming and warm personality that will put you completely at ease and allow your stress to melt away as she frees your body of any pain or discomfort it may be harboring.

Shes the only therapist I trust with my body and those of my family, and I cannot begin to recommend her highly enough. 

-Kasey C.

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